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Although my first passion is running, I enjoy sports, fitness, and nutrition. I have created a blog to give everyone tips on all I know and will know. I will also be taking classes posting about trails/hikes ect., foods that are good for you or taste good that are low in calories, and what to eat and what not to eat.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Build up Running Endurance?

*Work up distance gradually. If you haven't ran for any period longer than 2 weeks, don't go out and run the 12-mile loop around the lake. You may be invigorated if you finish, but you'll also be so sore and stiff the next day you'll get discouraged. Plus, too much speed when it comes to mileage increases also increases your risk of injury, which can derail your running program

*Mix short and long runs. Don't overdo it with a string of mega-long runs. Save these runs, such as that 12-mile or more, for the weekends.

*Take a day off. You'll never build up endurance if you over-train and get sick. Over-training can jeopardize your mental and emotional health, plummet your body fat to dangerously low levels, increase sleep disturbances and fatigue, and contribute to serious strains and tears.

*Limit breaks between runs to no more than 2 weeks. The body starts to lose tone and endurance in as little as 2 weeks without any activity. If you take a long break, all the hard work that's led to increased endurance may be for nothing.

*Think happy thoughts. Don't get discouraged if you can't finish that long run. That mental block will impede your progress and goals.

*Create a weekly plan. Stick to it. This will help you get out the door each day. On Sunday evenings, plan your runs for the week. For each day, list location and length of the run.

*Chart your progress. This will help you feel accomplished and combat any untoward feelings about running. Create or purchase a paper training log, or start an online one. List duration, length, course, type (flat, hilly, paved) and how you felt. Any other factors, such as what you ate or the weather, should be noted, as they can really influence your run.

*Mind your diet. Given your mileage buildup, making sure you're getting the appropriate nutrients will become all the more important. Water is even more important. To stay hydrated on long runs, bring along a water bottle, gels or protein bars. Carry them in a pack.


Liberty Williams said...

Great advice. I actually do the logging of my running, but not in-depth, I'm going to change that.

Mary said...

That is a great idea to do a running log.
Another idea to build indurance is to train on your weekday short runs by alternating one day to run in intervals, the next run incline, the next run alternate incline & intervals. Then on your weekend long runs you can run at your comfortable pace. This is most easily applied to training on a treadmil.

wendy said...

Hi Shelli--your emails are bouncing for our Wasatch Back blog. Hope all is well. We have lots of info on the blog about the race!