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Although my first passion is running, I enjoy sports, fitness, and nutrition. I have created a blog to give everyone tips on all I know and will know. I will also be taking classes posting about trails/hikes ect., foods that are good for you or taste good that are low in calories, and what to eat and what not to eat.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Running Form

I was introduced to a book by a Friend called "Born to Run." When West was in the hospital I decided to get it with some of my Christmas money. I started running two years ago and never thought if I was running the right way. For a very long time shoe companies have been trying to make their shoes with more and more shock absorption, causing us runners to land on our heals when we run. When you you land on your heal it causes your forward motion to stop then you push of with your forefoot. This stopping and going style of running jars your legs and may result in an injury to your leg and will defiantly cause fatigue. The book talked about minimalist running; It is the way our ancestors ran.

There are many different running styles out there to study. Chi, evolution, pose, and barefoot are a few running styles. I kind of went with "Chi" style of running. I also bought some new shoes, Brooks Green Silence. They are a minimalist shoe but have a little more padding then Vibrams. I would say That every shoe manufacturer makes a minimalist running shoe now. some shoes mimic barefoot running like Vibrams; I am thinking I might go that route for training because when you have no cushioning on your feet you will force you to run the way you were born to run.

It will take some time to pick up a new style of running. My legs were as sore the first time I went running with my new style as they were after I ran my marathon and I only ran three miles. My legs were sore because I was using my leg muscles a different way. I bring this up because I went running today and kept track of my mileage and time for the first time in months. I haven't been running to much lately, but just started training seriously for a half marathon memorial day in Salt Lake. I am running faster then I did towards the end of my marathon training last year. I attribute this to my new running form.